Who we are

As Cinco is specialised in transporting goods/cargo that spans across the industries, we have established an effective system that allows us to track and manage our customers’ orders competently. From professional service staff and qualified drivers to quality transportation vehicles, we ensure our customers’ needs are perfectly met.

This is because we believe that all these are not possible without a core focus on building trust between people. Whether it is our customers’ support or our staff’s staunch commitment, Cinco Logistics is all about building strong relationships founded on loyalty. We operate with the philosophy that promises are meant to be fulfilled and we endeavour to realise this goal professionally.

We are able to achieve this because we always ensure our employees are well-trained in the business knowledge of logistics, such as safety, management procedures, protocols and goods knowledge, as well as progressively developed to maximise their potential. With this, our clients know that they are in good hands every time they entrust us with their business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to do the best professional transportation & logistics system at the best price and provide quality truck and driver services to our customers to fulfil our mission. Which is to be one of the best Transportation & Logistics in Malaysia

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